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Verification Process

Each year, the Medical Council require RCSI to undertake a verification process on a random sample of about 3% of those registered on our professional Competence Scheme. During this process, the portfolio of those selected is inspected, the number of credits versus those required is evaluated and the evidence to support those credits is examined.

Where insufficient evidence has been uploaded to a portfolio, the doctor is asked to provide any additional evidence that they may have. The Medical Council have stated that “if you cannot provide supporting documentation, this will be noted. This may impact on the total number of credits which you have accrued in the relevant 12-month period, and you may need to make up credits in the following period.”

The outcome of the verification process is noted on the doctor’s statement of participation.

We recently completed the second verification process for the RCSI Professional Competence Scheme for credits accumulated during 2012-2013. It is clear that obtaining appropriate evidence to support internal credits is challenging for many doctors. As a result of this process, the following guideline in relation to recording and verifying Internal credits has been developed to assist doctors when recording activity so that they know the level of detail required and also to promote consistency in recording for all registered participants.


The easiest and most efficient way of recording your professional competence activity is by using the online ePortfolio.  If possible, you should upload all evidence to the ePortfolio. If you do not upload attachments, you are required to keep hard copy evidence on file and will be required to submit these if you are chosen for the verification process.  

It is acceptable to make one entry to cover several episodes of the same activity but this record must list each individual episode  i.e. the number and dates of meetings, grand rounds etc.  and their duration. Where possible, a list of the topics discussed, presenters etc. should also be included. However, patient names or details identifying other parties who attended these meetings should not be included.

Below are the key details you need to include when recording any internal activity:

- Date of activity

- Category

- Name of Activity

- Description / Topics discussed

- Location

- Duration

There is a template provided on the website which you can use.  View template here.  When the document has been completed, it should be signed by you and the Clinical Director / Head of Department. One entry in your portfolio may be used to record your attendance at a whole series of meetings supported by a single signed record. Alternatively, you may enter each meeting in your eportfolio, print a copy of this page of your portfolio for signing/verification by the clinical director/head of department. 

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