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Why is my Verification Status on my PCS portfolio “Unverified” ?
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Why is my Verification Status on my PCS portfolio “Unverified” ?

Your PCS portfolio will remain as “unverified” (and coloured white) until such time as you are selected for an RCSI verification audit. CPD credits for attendance at activities managed and administrated by RCSI, (eg Charter Day / Millin meeting) will be uploaded to your Portfolio by the PCS office staff if you have signed the registration sheet.  These will be automatically highlighted in green on your portfolio.


We are required by the Medical Council to verify the portfolio contents of 3 – 5% of participants every year.  Those who are selected for verification this year will be selected shortly and notified by email. We select a random group of doctors for this verification audit.   This process involves a check on each of the activities that you have uploaded to your Professional Competence Scheme (PCS) portfolio and the CPD credits assigned to each activity.  Certain activities require supporting documentation and, if this has not been uploaded, you will be requested to upload (or submit) this for each appropriate activity - these activities will be highlighted in amber on your credits portfolio.   Some activities which you will have uploaded will be approved and these will be highlighted in green on your portfolio (including events that have been uploaded by RCSI). Activities that are highlighted in red are usually duplicate entries. This only applies to the 3% of portfolios that have been verified by RCSI. 

Following the Verification Audit, your verification status will be either:-

Compliant - This means you are compliant with the requirements and all supporting document has been uploaded to your portfolio.

Not Compliant - Requires Further Action – this will be because for example, you have not uploaded sufficient credits or you have not uploaded appropriate verification documents.

The verification audit is a supportive exercise aimed to promote confidence in what doctors are recording, identify best practices in maintaining competence, identify shortfalls and provide support to assist doctors who find it difficult to meet the Professional Competence Scheme requirements.

Please click here for further guidelines on the verification  process.

Your PCS portal dashboard has a visual colour coded traffic light screen which allows you to track your progress.

Green:  On target with credits
Amber:  Require more credits to reach minimum requirement
Red:      Below target


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