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PCS Verification Process
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The Postgraduate Training Bodies under the arrangement with the Medical Council will undertake an annual verification of activities recorded by a doctor with the professional competence scheme.  It is intended that all Postgraduate Training Bodies will run this verification process in the Autumn.


What does this actually mean?    RCSI will select doctors enrolled on the Professional Competence Scheme in a stratified random method (3 - 5%) to participate in the verification process.   If selected for this verification, doctors will be advised by email that a Verification Audit will take place and they will be required to produce / upload evidence of activities attended (if not already uploaded to their profile).   Doctors will be given a certain timeframe to review their profile and upload any additional activities or proof of attendance.


Following this allocated timeframe, if the verification process satisfactorily addresses the issue i.e. the credits claimed in their personal portfolio are substantiated then the doctor receives full credit for the Professional Competence Scheme.


Doctors will be informed of any discrepancies identified and will be given the opportunity to address or clarify the issues identified. Claimed credits without appropriate verification evidence will be removed from the Portfolio and an amended certificate issued.


It is expected that for the majority of doctors the verification audit will be a routine exercise and no further action will be required.  You can reduce the likelihood that you will be suject to a verification procedure by ensuring that you have uploaded the required credits and the associated documentation.

We will be circulating more information on this at a later date.

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