We write to make you aware of an upcoming MRCS Part B Preparation Course taking place in Penang in November 2018 should you wish to undertake that before attempting the exam. That will be delivered on 17-18th November 2018. Applications close 23rd September 2018. To book your place, please click here.


Please note that all candidates taking the MRCS Part B with RCSI receive a 25% discount code to be used when buying a PasTest online subscription for MRCS Part B resources. (These feature over 180 exam-themed videos which help to focus candidates’ exam preparation and maximize performance in the examination.)


You can find additional exam preparation resources on our official MRCS Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MRCSExamsRCSI/


If you have any queries here, please contact the College by email at pgexams@rcsi.ie.


We wish you every success in the MRCS examination.




RCSI Surgical Affairs